NMBPD Fingerprinting

FingerPrintingNorth Myrtle Beach Police Department offers fingerprinting to the public on Tuesday of each week between the hours of 7am and 9am. Fingerprinting is conducted in our detention facility, so do not bring any belongings other than your fingerprint cards into the building. Due to jail operations and safety reasons, you may be asked to wait before you can be fingerprinted.

North Myrtle Beach Police Department may only fingerprint the public for the following purposes:

  • Concealed Weapons Permits (23-31-215)
  • Security Officer Weapons (40-18-100)
  • Contract Private Security (40-18-50)
  • Proprietary Private Security License (40-18-60)
  • Private Detective License (40-18-70)
  • Security Officer Registration (40-18-80)